Hi im new to the forum ive been Unicycling for a while now and im really interested in getting into to freestyle/trials does anyone have any recommendations for a unicycle to get or one I could build from a certain site? let me know really excited to get started asap. PS I own a beginner torker unicycle that I learned to ride on.:slight_smile:

Pick a few forum topics here and start reading. That might not be all we ever talk about but it’s most of it. There are a couple decades of discussion and recommendations and you’re more likely to find good stuff by searching yourself than by waiting for it to be repeated in a reply.

Beyond that, have you looked at what’s for sale at unicycle.com? Are there reasons why you would or wouldn’t have any of those? Welcome and good luck!

Hi mate, welcome to the forum!

I assuming by freestyle you mean flatland/street style riding. It took me a while to realise that in unicycling, freestyle is usually more something like this:

As LargeEddie said, unicycle.com is probably a great place to start, from there you can select your relevant country and see what’s available.

I’ve only been riding about 6 months, but i initially had what was probably the equivalent to your torker. As soon as i started doing a little hopping, the hub started to warp out of shape. I then went on and got a Nimbus 20" Trials, which i loved and still use, although i’ve gotten into the more Muni side of things now. Honestly i can’t see how there would be much difference between brands, apart from saddle and cranks etc.

As long as you go for a dedicated Trials unicycle you should have no problems tackling anything with it. That was my reasoning. Trials is not what i’m interested in, flatland was more my thing, but it’s good to know i have the option.

Anyway good luck with your purchase. I always have a lot of trouble trying to decide what to choose for my next unicycle, It feels like such a life changing decision. haha no pressure :wink:

Good to point that out. It also took me a while to figure out that freestyle unicycling wasn’t what I’d expected based on freestyle bmx, skiing, etc.

Wow, great find! Yes, Freestyle is a more refined version of “doing a bunch of tricks” and is more theatrical and audience-focused. That’s a great routine, and if we’re lucky we will see him come and perform it in Montreal this summer!

There’s also a long way between Freestyle-for-fun, which is just learning and doing tricks, and a polished Freestyle competition performance, like that one. It’s a rehearsal, but there’s already a lot of polish on the performance. Good Freestyle makes hard tricks look easy.

In terms of equipment, the above type of Freestyle is usually done with regular-sized tires (1.75"), but that is not a hard and fast rule. Flatland and Trials styles of riding usually involve more punishment to the machine, so a splined axle/hub is recommended, though not required for learning.

A basic nimbus trials will be very versatile and a good value assuming you dont want to do pure freestyle. If you have more money go for the kh, the saddle and cranks are better.