Unicycle Zone and Lunch

Here are some final details on the Unicycle Zone at the Modesto Family
Cycling Festival…

…check in at the “Unipsycho Mania” tent (we’ll have a big banner up).
Sign in, show you can ride a unicycle through a simple course, and
receive a prize …in addition to riding in the “Zone”, there are booths
to visit from various organizations. Feel free to ride your unicycle
around the area.

…special unicycling demonstrations and performances will take place from
10:00 to 11:30. …for anyone that wants to join us, we’re going to meet
at Pacifica Grill for lunch at approximately 1:00 (after the first GT
Stunt Team show). It’s walking (or riding) distance from the festival
(next to Brenden Theatres on 1025 10th Street).

See you there!

Bruce Clifton