Unicycle World muni championships?

The singlespeed MTB world championships in germany 2004 will have a unicycle division.


Cool, Joe!

Do you have any links?


sounds very cool

Find the links! :slight_smile:


The 2004 world MTB championships (which include the World Trials championships) will be held in Les Gets, France in September. See: http://www.lesgets2004.com/index2.htm

It is very possible that the MTB event you are speaking of is a German national cycling competition. In Germany, their national cycling organization, the Bund Deutscher Radfahrer (BDR) recognizes unicycling as a division. Their Web site is http://www.bdr-online.org but it does not seem to be responding today and I’m unable to figure out the German error message.

Hi Joe,

do you remember the guy on 2wheels (one of the guides) by the first munitour in wood on the 1. German Muni and Trial Weekend ?

He is a member of the orgateam !

I meet him tomorrow and ask him for details :slight_smile:


it’s nothing to do with the MTB world champs It’s a bunch of looneys that came over here for the singlespeed europeans organiseing a big party with riding.

I think it’ll be a bit mad. <grin>