Unicycle workshop for beginners

Hi group,

In a few weeks me and the family will participate in a folk camp (music
and dance). This year’s subtheme happens to be Circus. One of the staff
who knows me asked me to give a workshop in Acrobatics which I promised.
Because of the circus theme we will also bring our three unicycles to the
camp and I am considering to offer giving a unicycling workshop as well.
(For not too many people in view of just 3 unis, maybe to be repeated.) I
will just tap on the experience of how we learned ourselves, but I have
also heard of this book Anyone can ride a unicycle (written by someone on
this list but I am not sure who). Can I order it somewhere (online? or in
a regular bookshop if it has an ISBN number?) and how quickly would it
arrive (Netherlands). Or is (the basics of) the content of the book online
somewhere? Any other tips would also be appreciated.

Klaas Bil

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