Unicycle Woodford Folk Festival - Australia

Dear Unicyclists,

The Woodford Folk Festival have accepted the proposal for a team from the
Australian Unicycle Society to perform this year.

The festival dates are December 27, 2002 to January 1, 2003.

For those who have not been to Woodford before have a look at

It is a truly amazing festival that is rich in culture, art and music. The
festival is located just outside the town of Woodford, which is about an
hour and a half drive North-West of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

The team of unicyclists will perform a couple of stage freestyle
presentations, do
some muni demonstrations and also play a few games of unicycle hockey as a
spectator sport. We will also be encouraging membership to the AUS and
affiliate clubs.

If you are part of the Woodford team we will provide:
-free entry for you into the festival
-a special AUS / Woodford t-shirt
-and a BIG FEAST one night at one of the festivals many cafe’s.

To be a Woodford team member the minimum commitment from your part is:
-that you are a financial AUS member
-you are at least a level two unicyclist according to the IUF
www.unicycling.org (unless you are a team support person)
-you are involved in all the AUS activities at Woodford, including
-you wear appropriate safety gear (will be explained later)
-that you get yourself to and from the festival

If you would like to join the Woodford team email me on wayne@jester.com.au
and I will send you more information.

The RSVP date is Saturday October 19, 2002.

Wayne van Wijk

Australian Unicycle Society

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OUCH! Just fell off my unicycle.

Re: Unicycle Woodford Folk Festival - Australia

Which just goes to show that Folkies Rock!

Wayne, I hope you have a blast and get some new people interested in unicycling.

Raphael - on the other side of the planet - Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Re: Unicycle Woodford Folk Festival - Australia

> Which just goes to show that Folkies Rock!

I would have thought that Rockers ‘Rocked’ and Folkies did something