Unicycle with Enhanced Portability

Any more info or comment on this B-80 who could make it?
Would it be really have any technical advantage of riding it or portability?
Sent an E-Mail to the designer in Mexico but no response :thinking:



It looks like a project for an industrial design class. Probably no mechanics, structural engineering or other work went into it. If built with reasonable strength, it looks like it should weigh at least 50% more than a conventional unicycle.

In other words, it looks really cool but probably can’t compete with today’s conventional, boring unicycle technology. That’s probably why bicycles haven’t changed much in the past 100 years or so. Lots of refinement, but the basic machine is very similar.

Oh man that seatpost up the side of the side would give me bloody chaffing. But it’s great to see some creative thinking here.