Unicycle with 4 1/4" wide tire

I was at my local bike shop, and I spotted what looked like a 20" unicycle with a super wide tire and rim. The tire was marked as 4 1/4" wide, and the rim was much wider than the Sun double-wide rim on my Muni. It looked like the 24" Surly rim in construction, only smaller.

Is this some new uni that came out? I didn’t see anything like it on the UDC web site, and a brief search of these forums turned up nothing.

The cranks/pedals/axle didn’t look like they would stand up to abuse, but the tire was super wide and fat like you’d want for trials. It had some UDC documentation attached to it (price $189) but it wasn’t clear whether they actually built it.

Something like this?: http://www.unicycle.uk.com/shop/shopdisplayproduct.asp?catalogid=788

From what I’ve heard it’s not a very good uni, it’s just for the novelty value. I don’t know if anyone uses the tyre for anything serious, though I’ve never heard of it being used…

It’s called the Sun XL

I don’t know when it came out but I think it uses the back rim and tire from the “stingray” bikes

edit: apparently there is more than one kind here is a link to a Sun XL

Yes, that’s it, thanks. I looked on the UK web site, but only looked at the tires.

Its probably this one


bit of a novelty unicycle.


I rode one around a bike shop in Connecticut. I felt a little strange turning on it, but I’d been riding a coker exclusively for a month, so that may have just been that.

I dunno. It’s neat. If I had the money and the storage space, I’d add one to my collection