Unicycle Wish List

This thread is for entering product development requests for unicycle designer/manufacturers. Hopefully, manufactures such as KH and Nimbus will use the ideas and discussion around these requests to determine what features will be in next year’s unis.

I will start off with two of my own wishes

  • Carbon spokes. I find that the spokes are the weakest links in my wheels. I often need to tighten them and they break occasionally. Having a very stiff wheel is what you want for muni or road cycling. How about using some of the road cycle technology to create a carbon wheel? It would be stiffer and lighter.
  • 40 or 42inch wheels. My 36 is my favourite wheel. It's so good, I am sure that a 40-42 inch would be even better.


  • There is one issue with the carbon… you would only be able to use it for road!

    And larger wheels than 36 being produced in a factory… I don’t see that happening. 36" MOST people can ride, but as soon as you start going larger, the market gets smaller since only tall people would be able to ride them.

    Yeah, you’re not going to find mass-produced big wheels anytime in the near future. Nearly any adult fits the size requirements for a 36", but once you start going over, things change. To properly set up, say, a 42, you would need thick pedals, short cranks, a slimmer saddle, and you would need a shorter frame (the part that is perpendicular to the fork). I don’t think it’s going to happen.

    This is not for development. But my wish list is a PURPLE 19" drilled rim. And mad4one cranks with madadapters. I’m in the US where can I get these?

    my wish would be a muni with suspencion, i know how hard and uncomfortable this would be but man it would be cool

    Yes, I agree, suspension would be worth a try. Particularly, if it could be included with little weight penalty.

    Regarding, 40-42 not being very popular, I imagine that 10 years ago, unicyclists would have said the same about 36" wheels. I would jump at the opportunity of trying a 40-42" wheel.

    I sooo agree… A muni with suspension would be awesome… =P

    Please vote on my poll of the best Muni… =P

    Tryall makes those rims, not sure where you can get them in the US though other than maybe renegade juggling. And there may be a mad4one dealer here in the states soon. :wink:

    Thanks Julia. been looking for a purple rim for quite a while. and i’m looking forward to Mad41 products being avalible. to bad i missed NAUCC this year they were probubly selling alot of parts there right?

    V!Z also makes purple rims :wink: You just have to search for the fancy biketrial stuff and you’ll find whatever you want (most times).

    now as a disclaimer. . . I have lofty dreams O:-) most of which spawn from the long-distance rider perspective. I know none of these are reasonable in the near future. . . maybe the last one.

    1. a thinner 36" wheel and tire (maybe 1/2 - 3/4 in thinner)
    2. a fixed geared hub in a 1.25:1 or 1.4:1 that would fit a 36er (no gear changes, cheaper to build, less maintenance . . . hopefully)
    3. a proper V-frame off the shelf or a rugged handlebar that attaches rigidly enough to put a full handlebar (like a bullhorn) out front so you could use a bike saddle.
    4. the GB4 style handle for muni needs to be made by someone again, it was perfect from what I’ve seen in pictures.
    5. 140mm cranks other than tensiles (these may exist)

    Two thumbs up for the fixed 1.25:1 geared hub!

    I want a kit to convert my old style carbon base to the newer KH bumpers and allen bolt screws. Also a carbon deathgrip to fit my saddle because they look awesome :wink:

    And for addict to sell their white 47mm offset rim without the whole wheel.

    My main wish is a comfortable seat. The recent KH seats are pretty good, but the base is still way to curved for serious distances.