Unicycle Wire Ornament/Sculpture

My wife wanted to surprise me this Christmas with a unicycle ornament. She contacted an online artist who was happy to design one and make one of me and my daughter. She couldn’t wait until Christmas to tell me, and wanted me to share the idea with you all.:slight_smile:

The artist has added unicycles to her offerings so you can order one too.

Very cool. I see she also has a mini unicycle “scupture” that sits up with a stand. It’s interesting that she does them with a single piece of wire.

I’ve been interested in finding a similar desktop mini-unicycle (with rider). Although her price is very inexpensive, I’d prefer one without the single wire approach.

Unicycle.com has something cool here but that’s not quite what I’m after:


My favorite mini-unicycle I’ve seen so far was made by Tom Miller and owned by John Foss:


omg! so cool, is that just 1 strip of wire for each!?

From what my wife said, the artist(s) (I think they’re a husband and wife team) seem very open to taking requests. Contact them with your ideas.
My wife saw they did bicycles, and asked for the uni. She thought spokes would make it look better, so they put them in. They don’t do spokes on their bicycles.

They haven’t arrived yet, but I think so, aside from the hair.

Very nice. I like the definition in the spines / bodies & you have to love the great gold ponytail.

Yes, the first think I noticed about these wire figures was that they look like real people; the proportions are great and they seem to be in balance.

Those were cool, but a far cry from twistable wire. The head is a washer, the base is a piece of cold-rolled, and the rest is like 1/8" thick steel rods. The amazing thing is that he made dozens of them for the 1980 NUM awards!