Unicycle weights

Beau and I just rode down to the local bike shop which happens to have a
really nice $400 digital scale that measures to the 100th of a pound. Here
the measurements we took (lb / kg):

20" United w/Monty wheel & Miyata seat complete: 10.94 / 4.97

Telford frame complete w/Salsa seat clamp & bearing blocks: 2.38 /
1.08 Carbon seat, Wilder clamp, Pyramid seatpost cut, 20" air seat,
Roach cover:
3.08 / 1.40 24x3 Gazz, Telford hub, Ritchey cranks, bearings, Sun Ringle
pedals: 9.86 /
4.48 24x3 Gazz, Profile hub & cranks, bearings, Sun Ringle pedals: 10.58 /
4.81 Telford unicycle w/Profile wheel complete: 16.04 / 7.29

So if the frame weight was reduced by 50%, the total unicycle weight
would decrease by 7.4%. I remember Telford Design’s slogan from the old
skinny tire days (1998), “A full suspension Mountain unicycle under 10
pounds”. What I would give for a unicycle with 24x3 Gazz, as strong as
mine, under 10 lbs!!


PS Hope to see many of you at Modesto tomorrow and Davis Sunday. I’ll try
to use a more race-legal machine this year…