Unicycle weightloss... How many lbs did you lose?

So, this is obviously a sensitive topic, but we are all family here, so I’ll get us started. I used to weigh 265 lbs, but to be fair I am 6’4". Nonetheless, I was extremely overweight. I decided to get a unicycle as a incentive to shave off some fat. After two months, I now weigh 244 lbs and feeling better than ever. The “weight loss program” is still going strong. Dose anyone else share a similar story? Post yours here!

Hey Dydaying Well Done on the weight loss :slight_smile:

Wish I could say the same but I can’t keep away from the Haribo

( Kids like Alucard love it so! The crazy world of Haribo, :slight_smile: )

Though I think I did lose a bit in Scotland last week. The temperature was really high and I pushed my uni for miles in the heat. :smiley:

Thanks for the encouragement. That is awesome! How was your ride in Scotland?

Ha! I was being serious when I said I pushed my 36” for miles. I did :frowning:
I just couldn’t freemount for the life of me and there wasn’t a decent slope to be had. LOL
I did take my 26” muni aswell though and had a whale of a time doing circles in the sand on the beach. Probby lost some weight there on the beach, it was sweltering by UK standards.


Congrats on your weight loss Dydaying! In my first year of riding, from 06-07, I lost close to 25lbs, and have pretty much remained in the 144-148lb range since. For me there is no doubt that unicycling 5-6 days per week, riding mainly MUni, plus road climbing and distance, is the main reason for this.

Thanks for the comment Unigeezer. If unicycling can keep me looking as young and lively as you when I get into my 50’s, then I am committed for life. It is currently quite amazing how tired I get after just a short period of riding. I was nervous that the intensity will go away with experience, but I am excited to hear that there are always more extreme things to learn.

hey DyDaying, that’s impressive! :smiley:

I’m sort of hoping to go the other direction to you though - Been skinny as a stick throughout my life, I’m hoping Uni will beef me up :stuck_out_tongue:

Well done that man! Awesome stuff.

and Terry you are a Patriot in the world of Unicyclists. The day you require to hang up your Uni after your finial ride in Thirty or so years time from now will be the worst Unicycling day of my life. Keep going Strong

On weight, Can it be those losing weight have also gained an amount of muscle mass also???

So if right you have lost more weight (unwanted weight) than you can accurately easily measure!!!

I started at 140# and I’m still around 140# three years later :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m definitely in better shape and stronger now than I was then. I lost all my doughiness and gained some muscle

I think muni in particular burns a lot of calories, and it has the great advantage of being fun. It’s a whole lot easier to stick with an exercise routine if you look forward to it everyday.

Just had my fix. I feel much better now.

I am a bit disappointed. When I quickly read this thread’s title, I thought it was about the unicycle’s weight not the rider’s :smiley:

I started in the 132# range and still am.

My Muni, on the other hand, went from over 17.6lbs (peak weight) down to slightly above 12lbs (today).

Only riding while riding is the thing that keeps increasing (so much that sometimes I feel like a drug addict that needs a fix when I feel the urge of riding in the middle of the day at work… :p:p ).

I started in the 190 range and now wiegh around 200? :thinking:

Yeah, like Killian, I seem to be gaining weight, too. I just got my g36 three weeks ago, and it seems that I’ve put on a few pounds since then, despite having ridden an average of 30 miles a day. It may be that my body is trying to figure out what to do with the metabolic changes I’m going thru. And perhaps I’ve put on a bit of muscle in my legs.

Same as you

I’m just about like you - I bought a 36er when I was 260 pounds (at 6’3"). I dropped 65 pounds in less than a year doing a lot of road work. The only limit to the intensity is your willingness to push yourself.

Ha. So I see I’m not the only one that gained weight after taking up unicycling.

The weight gain is most likely increased muscle mass in the legs. In fact, since muscle weighs more than fat, it’s possible to lose fat, but with the added muscle mass, still gain weight! And thannks muni tasmania and dydaying for the very nice comments! :slight_smile:

great job all of you for improving soo much just by riding a uni! I’ve been in the same figures quite steadily for last three or so years but have definitely noticed how my legs have become thicker and losing some fat everywhere :slight_smile:

Muscle’s heavier than fat.
My freshman Science teacher told us she once gained 35# and lost 3 dress sizes.

I also gained whent from 155# to 165. I don’t know how much but I bet I lost at least a couple of pounds of fat.

A lot is calories in, cal out. So eat a lot, esp protein w/in 1 hr of a workout, you can add protein shakes just before and after bed.

Sleep shake drinking. I want to learn that trick. :wink: