Unicycle Website review

Ok, so I was planning on buying my KH20 Trials on this website called AllUnicycles.com, and I was wondering if any of you guys have bought a unicycle from this website, and what your reviews/thoughts of the website are. I don’t really know if I can trust buying one off of this website yet, so it’d be nice to know! Thanks a bunch!

Pretty interesting. It looks like Hayneedle is a conglomerator of specialty products online. Just as Unicycle.com specializes in unicycles, Hayneedle specializes in specialties. It appears to be a one-stop place to shop for great variety in a very large number of categories.

As for unicycles, it looks like a basic duplicate of Unicycle.com, so you could consider shopping directly from the original source, where they have unicycle experts. Hayneedle will not, though they might put you in touch with the folks at UDC if needed.

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Ok, thanks! I’ll try that! Haha, sorry about posting so many different threads. I’m kind of new to the forums, so I don’t really know where I would find stuff like this.