Unicycle vs bicycle, 1 wheel vs 2 wheels

Hello every body, just wondering what got you into unicycling ethier its muni,flat,trials,touring, or entertainment? what got you INSPIRED to start it. I know personally i was just searching through youtube one afternoon and was very bored so i searched rockband (the game) videos and watched some and then somehow in related videos was this video on youtube i started just for something challenging and i felt like i was wasting my summer away… thank god for that decision to get a unicycle:D

tell me how you got started, what type of riding you do and why you like or dislike 1 wheel more then 2 wheels.

learned at 5 yrs old when grounded from bicycling i have since forgotten how to ride a bike and that obviously means i put unicycling above bicycling and ill do any type of riding more street lately though

i saw that same video with my friend and we started uni 2 months ago we r doing flat/street mostly a little trials and muni to though i like 1 wheel cause it is so much more versatile than a bike

i find that actually pretty funny…pretty unique story hehe:)

thats very true thats one of many reasons i like it and the wide open eyes :astonished: and confused :thinking: faces are pretty funny too lmao:p

I was also a fan of bmx but changed skateboarding when I was 17 until last summer. Winter came so I was stuck inside a lot playing video games and started back up this spring and was feeling really bored by it, my buddy had a unicycle and he let me borrow it. So then I started watching vids on youtube and from from sick stuff and bought my own.


I saw a popular K1 vid (kinda old) and liked the trials and some flat in it (even though it wasn’t good flat) and was hooked.

Id been a skateboarder for 3 years and i was looking on youtube.I searched ‘crazy stunts’ on youtube and it came up with the universe 2 trailer.I thought it would be amazing to do all that kindof stuff so i bought one.

That video was also the first unicycling one I watched. I searched unicycle on youtube. It’s a pretty decent video but I think it’s a shame that an awesome video isn’t the one with 300,000 views and comes up first on youtube.

My friend lent me his and then I started watching Kris Holm videos. When I found Shaun Johanneson’s videos on youtube was when I really got into unicycling.

I saw some guy unicycling in the city centre wher I live. I think he was just commuting. That made me want to learn. I’m so glad that he rode past at the same time as I was walking about in town. I mainly do street/trials stuff now.

I like BMX flatland but i think im still sticking to unicycling.

Jacked my wrist up in a mountain bike wreck about 6 years ago and couldn’t ride for 3 months so I bought a unicycle to pass the time doing something. I figured learning to unicycle would be better than sitting on my ass. They I learned about mUni, bought a KH-25, and it’s all down hill (one-wheeled) from there! :slight_smile:

I don’t dislike one more than the other. I ride my bike and unicycle equally as much as each other.

The thing that got me into unicycling was the simplicity of it. I like having the simplest mode of transport available. Essentially just a wheel, with no gears, no brakes and no freewheel. It gives you a feel for the terrain you’re riding much more than a bike.

The other thing that inspired me which got me into MUni and Unitouring was Nathan Hoover and Kris Holm, when they released the trailer for Unizaba. I couldn’t think of a better way to travel…on the simplest machine available and going to some exotic locations.

I never had a thought about unicycling in my life but one of my friend lived about a mile from me so i would just ride my bike to his house and i got bored doing that so i started riding with no hands and when i was able to do that for a mile my mom suggested that i try a unicycle.
and thats how i got into unicycling.

I was in a circus that come to my school when I was 5 or 6, and there was a unicyclist. It wasn’t till i was 12 that I got a unicycle after seeing one when I bought a diabolo, and I remembered the circus at school. Just over 13 years on, I’m still unicycling, and I teach kids at the local youth centre unicycling.

I have been BMX-ing a bit longer than I have unicycling, BMX has now been retired, and unicycling is being worked on more.



MUni all the way! getting into trials though. i got into it because i thought it was cool.

I read an article that said that doing balance exercises makes you smarter. So I thought what can I do that’s more than riding my bike? Why not a unicycle? So I started looking online, since the only people I’ve heard of were circus or street performers.

I looked up picks once and a while online, then I saw this and got really interested.

After that I was looking stuff up A LOT more. And then saw vids of KH on youtube and I was hooked. It took about 4 months of watching videos before I believed it was possible for me to do.

What I like: the challenge, the disbelief of others, the great exercise, and the great community I’ve discovered here :sunglasses: .

I don’t know if it’s made me smarter, but it’s a bit easier for me to concentrate, and I have less stress from the extra exercise over spending the same amount of time biking.

I don’t remember now what got me interested in it. But once I thought of it, I thought “I’m 47. If I’m EVER going to ride a unicycle, I’d best start now”. So I did.

I learned unicycling when I was 9 year old. I did like all these little girls…just driving around. I`m very flexible with unicycling.I do Trial, Street, Freestyle, Flat, Muni, Tour and of course riding the geared uni (the funny 1:25 one). I just look on my mood every day and than I decide wich uni I will train with :slight_smile: :roll_eyes: