Unicycle Video

Heres a video I made.
Kinda of sucky riding though


Cool, The extra little clips of other stuff kept it interesting.

It would be better to post this in the video forum though, more people will probably see it and/or comment on it and it won’t drop to the bottom of the page so fast.

You made it very interesting to watch. even though your probably just starting its very good. i think im going to go outside and try a few of those mounts you were doing :stuck_out_tongue: i liked the edit style the most.

cool nice mounts n vid

I liked it. It was a lot more interesting than most. The only thing I would change about it is the abrupt ending. Fading the music out at the end will make it so much more professional.
Btw, how many unicycles do you have?!

cool video dude,

I loved those mounts at the beggining, and you made SIF look so easy. grrrrr