Unicycle Video?

bing bang boom

cool! :sunglasses:

540!!! jesus dude!

nice spins!

damn, you have such a smooth style.

that tire grab where you let go of the seat was awsome. all the spins where way clean too. good stuff.

that wasnt really a 540, the pre-turn and that ending position made it probably a little more than a 360

cool vid, are you in justin K`s Evolution?

I love it. 540s are so hot right now.

Nice! your 540 is the cleanest one I’ve ever seen!

I give it a 510, still nic vid!

edit: I’m sure if he worked on it he could get it over 540

Nice video. Your smooth, relaxed style is one of my favorites. Stands out nicely in the sea of videos out there.


i know dude i love them. (cause im landing them:))

Is it official forum etiquette now, to quote zoolander and anchorman as much as possible?
Man I look good.

I think I remember seeing a video of this same dude ages ago, but on a learner/rounded crown unicycle. Either that or someone with a similar style…


That was great. I loved the relaxed style and the “oldschool”(<skateboard refrence) moves. That was probably the funnest video to watch so far. Great job.


great last bit switching unicycles, really smooth and relaxed, nothing huge, great change of pace from the usual videos.

yeaaaaaaaaaah hibbs, that was off the charts! sick 540’s boy!
and i love the tire grab with your hopping hand.

and the nose bonk was freaking sweet…such bmx steeze…

smooth and supple…mmmmm


p.s. yeah hes in evo

pps! the cab 3’s and 270’s to stall were delicious also :sunglasses:

K so since when did unicyclists say “cab”? Fakie makes way more sense. Sense is good.

nice 540, I still can only 360 hoptwist on flat.

Really good spins :sunglasses:
More tricks would be good for future vids.

IMO there are quite a few that are better, largely in part to the jaw-droping tallent, like these

Man, Anthony, I love your vids!! Your style’s so awesome.
Sweet vid!
What was the music?? It sounded kind of like John Prine but I don’t know…