Unicycle Video Podcast

Open itunes, go to music store, then click on podcasts, in the podcasts search bar search for “one wheel”. Subscribe to the “one wheel” podcast and download the episodes. They’re pretty good. But they could edit a lot better.

Edit: found another one. Search for “uncycl” and subscribe to the “Unicycling Vodcast” havent check that one out yet.

What type/style of unicycling do that talk about? Any detialed Information would be helpfull.

It’s a video podcast. They don’t talk. It’s just videos of them doing tricks and stuff.

what sort of “tricks” like are we talking about trials street riding or what?

so, it’s telling me that there’s an error in the music store. nice stuff, though. I got to see some video of the one. it was decent, and a really high crank grab.

The tricks they do are like jumping off high things, grinding, on the unicycling vodcast the guy does a 360 unispin.

Ok so it was really weird to come across this thread. Although the podcast is down at the moment, I’m quite positive this is my friend’s podcast and the videos are of him, me and a couple other guys. The high crank grab referred to in an above post is probably mine cuz he got a good vid of it last week. I will also note that that was my first ever pedal or crank climb and that wall was the first wall I had ever attempted to climb.

Anyway, I don’t think the friend who does the podcast has an account on these forums so it was pretty entertaining to see this on here.

Hi Jack! Yes, I’m positive that it’s mine. I don’t do much editing because I’d rather be out unicycling.

iTunes Music Store link:

The best way to subscribe:

* while in iTunes
- go to the Advanced menu
- select Subscribe to Podcast
* copy/paste the URL for our regular WordPress feed:

Or just visit here: http://onewheel.wordpress.com/

I had to create an account just to reply here!