Unicycle Video featured on MySpace.

Hello everybody, just wanted to let you know that a video of a unicycle high jump video was featured on the front page of MySpace.

Here’s the link


I did also notice that somebody posted a comment that said this-

not that hard/amazing. first of all he had a bit of a bounce and second hes jumping high will graping the seat to help it go up. any athletic person can do it.

I don’t think I’ve heard anything more untrue or stupid in my life.

Note- I posted this here because I felt the video was unicycle related, and thus not belonging in JC.

yes, you have to love those ignorant comments. theyre always entertaining to read (if you are in the mood, if not they can be horribly depressing):stuck_out_tongue:

I’m talented and athletic and I can now jump maybe 6", really it’s probably more like 2", but I’ll say 6.

Wow, I was there just seconds ago and I didn’t even notice.

And, not only that, but I looked at the dude’s video page and he skateboards.

That’s like saying anybody that’s athletic can do a 900 out of a quarterpipe. It’s not like it’s anything amazing.

bahaha at all the people that thinks it’s fake.


yep. myspace is an aamzing place to go if you want to hear everyone’s retarded opinion on [item X]. Last time a video was featured on myspace (a uni video rather), it was a guy doing trials hopping from picnic tables to benches and so forth…most of the comments were something to the tune of “let go of the seat p*ssy” or “your holding teh seat ur stupid n cheetin”

</3 myspace

haha!!! thats awesome, we have had top videos on just about all of the top video sources of the internet!

its a really cool feeling to know that you are on the front page of myspace, but the friend requests, comments, and messages are a little tough to keep tabs on.

myspace (twice)
youtube (1-3)
photobucket (i believe there was a picture)

wow, lmao. thats like saying to a skateboarder: P*SSY! YOU LANDED WITH BOTH YOUR FEET! LAND IT WITH ONE FOOT!

Someone actually said something similar to me when I was out riding one time. they said it after I crankflipped.

of course dude, u just gota learn to freeflip it!

I dont know about you guys but whenever I see one of those p*ssy BMXers I am sure to tell them all about how they should be bunny hoping with no hands… I mean if you were suppose to hold on with your hands they would have …handles or something, right?

i’d like to see the people saying this even ride a uni.

most of the bmxers I hang out with are pretty cool. At least there are definitely less poser bmxers than skaters.

Wishful thinking. They usually say something along the lines of “no i dont even want to try to ride a dumb thing like that” as you just think to yourself “and he called ME the p*ssy”. Trust me ive seen it happen.

I think most peoples in these homepages are just dumb or they are trying to get attention. I mean how stupid can you be to say fake it is played backwarts and stuff like this, you only have to put unicycling in youtube or something to see many videos like mines. I deleted 200 comments who where only stuff like add me or rubish but it didnt helped.

Nice jump, Lutz! Some people will say any old thing in comments on sites like that. It is best to either ignore them, or respond with an educational post that actually explains what’s real for unicycling.

BTW, the video title is just fine for YouTube, but among this group we should call it a side hop. An awesome side hop. :slight_smile:

It’s the computer, and it’s too easy to hide behind a keyboard these days. The person that writes something like that is obviously not a unicyclist. He/she is also probably getting as much satisfaction from that as the guy who just posted the damn video to begin with. It’s pretty sad.

On a lighter note, those are the people who make a unicyclist show better. they are the skeptic bastards that think you can just hop on and go. Then they obviously make an ass outta themselves and make you look talented.

I run into this a lot with magic as well. A guy will say something like “It’s just sleight of hand”…NO SH*T…dummy. That’s ALL it is. That’s not the secret part. EVERYONE KNOWS it’s sleight of hand. That’s like telling a surgeon “It’s just surgery…It’s just a bunch of cuttin’ and sewin’!”

I don’t get it, two days and there’s 849 comments?

Have people got macros running their computers or something? :thinking:

That jump was HUGE!