unicycle upgrade

i want to put a http://www.unicycle.com/nimbus-x-20-inch-long-neck-frame.html
and http://www.unicycle.com/unicycle-com-36-hole-wide-chromoly-hub.html with a old bmx hub and http://www.unicycle.com/united-cotterless-crank-arms-1.html i want to do this to upgrade a sun unicycle its seat seatpost and pedals are good still should this still be good

That could work, but those cranks are pretty cheap and very short. Also, i dont recommend anything to do with sun.

The best choice in this sitauation is to get a brand new uni. It would probably cost the same and be a lot less work.

i want really short crank arms and the frame is all ready broke.

That frame is made for 42mm bearings, and that hub has 40mm bearings. Other than that, You might as well get a new rim (and spokes, most likely) and make a wheel that will really last.

thanks i dropped the hub and the cranks just getting a frame and seatpost and white tire

I couldn't agree more. Sun 16's are ok for children. You should save up and get a new uni. Your seat is not ok. It is a pain in the ass. If you are real short on $, buy a used lx Torker.

What type of unicycling do you want to do? Regardless, definitely don’t buy a Torker LX, it’s not much better than the Sun.

i am wanting to use it as a freestyle i already have a dx24 muni

this is what i may order http://www.unicycle.com/nimbus-ii-20-inch-unicycle-with-isis-hub-blue.html

your new nickname is now “upgrade”

i now i need to so something about my broke uni

a dx 24 muni is a decent uni

What parts of your old Sun do you consider salvageable ? Why not bin that and ride the dx 24 until you can afford to get something better?

Deals show up if you wait, and save your $. Making something by buying all the parts separately at full retail, is the most expensive way to do it. Enjoy your dx while you focus on and save for the next 20 you want. Forget about the old broken Sun. The seat is marginal when new, the frame is broken, tire worth 10 $ new, on a steel rim worth less. Save it for if you ever meet a unicyclist you hate. Then you can give it to him, so it can drain money and energy out of his game. Or better yet, bin it, why be so mean ?

i am looking at a numbus ll because i cant to crank flips or 360 uni spins on my 24dx

knox, pay the 150 for that uni in the trading post, it won’t dissapoint :slight_smile:

i am still working up the cash i have like 110$