unicycle.uk.com down?

Title says it all

Doesn’t work for me. I sent them a message last night that the Black Friday prices weren’t showing up correctly… now I get the message that the site moved and I have to clear my DNS cache . Which I’m not willing to do at this point.

https://www.unicycle.uk.com/christmas-26/black-friday.html works for me, but not https://www.unicycle.uk.com

I’ve tried 6 different times to buy off them in the last 3 days, unsuccessfully, unfortunately.

Hi guys.
It’s all working okay today.

( My goodies I purchased on Friday have arrived )
Just been and got a few more bits as well. The sale has been extended till the end of this month.

I know I keep saying this, but their customer service is excellent :slight_smile:

SUCCESS! I ordered! Site is up, and Black Friday pricing is still on!

Yes, bit of a hard weekend!

Here is a little more on what went on and why my hair is a little more whiter!


Whoa proper nerve wracking experience!

Damn, it was down again this afternoon. And when it came back, I finally decided to get that 32" on sale - after having debated with myself for 36 hours - and it’s… gone!

Oh well, maybe a good lesson for the future: don’t overthink it, just ride it!

I snatched one at 9:56 AM

I see a 32" one with a brake and one 32" without, still on sale…

All out of stock on the 32" w/brake:(
It couldn’t last forever.

I have been stopping myself buying it… Such a good bargain!

I was considering getting one a few months ago to see how the 32 rides. The thing is right now I am struggling to have enough time to ride my 36! (the Trials one and the 24/26 Munis are taking over most of my free time).

With so many types of Unicycles/wheels out there is easy to get greedy and keep on buying/collecting unicycles…

I’ve still got to try the 27.5, 29, 32 wheel sizes… :roll_eyes:

Maybe if we all write to Roger, we’ll get a nice promo on the new version of it… :sunglasses:

ha ha, nice hint.

Nice try, hey! :smiley: