Unicycle tyre??

I bought a 20" freestyle unicycle not too long ago and started getting into trials but a 2.00 tyre just isn’t cutting it anymore. Does anyone know if I could go for a larger tyre?? (I have an Indy Freestyle unicycle.) And if so what tyre would be best?

tire that wont leave marks

I would like to find a tire for my Nimbus equinox street trials that will not leave marks on the pavement but still perform well. I went to a festival last year in Fall City Nebraska and was well received but I was uncomfortable with the marks I left on there beautiful red brick roads in the square.

JoshMoss- look at the maxxis creepy crawler, front tire.
DaUniGuy- any white trials tire won’t leave marks

Okay thanks for the help!

Thanks! I found the Impact White Trial Tire and will order one Monday.

This unicycle? Given its price, it might not stand too much trials riding, but that depends a lot on how much you weigh and how high you drop from. For now it should be fine, but just keep an eye on it for cracks.

A 20x2.5 -the standard trials tire- will only fit a 19" wheel. A fatter tire than your 2.0 would definitely be better, but I think the only Maxxis Creepy Crawler that comes in true 20" size is a 20x2.0, so it would be about the same as the tire you have now.

I weigh almost 200lbs and do a fair amount of light trials riding on a 20" wheel. The best tire I have found so far is the Odyssey Chase Hawk 20x2.4. It would fit your wheel, though there is a slight chance your frame won’t have enough clearance. It is a slick tire, so it handles well on pavement and has about the most cushioning for hops that is available for our wheel size. Some other 20x2.4 or 20x2.45 might be just as good, but I’ve been really happy with this one.

There is a few tires in true 20in that are big volume and have knobs like the trial tires: the Kenda Kinetics in 2.35 and the Qu-ax Cross in 2.5.

The main problem will be frame clearance. So check closely how much room you have.

Otherwise, the 2.4 slick tires like the one Song mentioned provide a good volume with a tiny bit less clearance challenge. But OTOH, it will be urban rides oriented.

Interesting. I had never before heard of a 20x2.5 that was actually 20" (406mm), rather than 19." Those tires seem not to be available in the US, though. Oh well, my frame is running low on clearance anyway.

Thanks for the help Song, you’ve helped me out a lot! I bought the Maxxis Holy Roller (20 x 2.25) which fits & performs perfectly, should last me for a good while until I order a proper 19" trials unicycle in the future. I used a 2.5 tyre in a bike shop as an estimate and there was no way it would’ve fit. Thanks again!

I’m using Odyssey “The Path” in white / (natural) tan.
It’s not discount quality, but not that much bigger; it’s 2.1