Unicycle tyre worn away


I’ve had my Qu-Ax Profi for about a month now, and one part of the tyre has completly gone bald already. I’ve replaced it with a old tyre from my other broken unicycle, (it is much more grippy) and it shows no sign of it wearing away. It is a little slower.

Are qu-ax tyres like this? Anyone else with qu-ax tyres had this?
Also anyone recommend a 20" tyre for a uni that they have had?

Maybe this tire was designed for indoor use and you rode it on tarmac? I’ve a qu-ax tire on my freestyle uni. By the way it wears just from one foot wheel walking i would guess within on month i could totally destroy it on tarmac. You should use a road tire.

My QU-AX wore out in a couple of weeks on the road.

I replaced it with a Maxxis Hookworm which has not even worn the hatch pattern off in more than the distance that destroyed the QU-AX.