unicycle tv

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to put a movie on unicycle.tv but it says the file is inappropriate. Not innapropriate as in bad, but inappropriate as in that file doesn’t work, does it have to be on saved to quicktime or something?

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it has to be in either flash, quicktime, or windows media format. use this.

how to use

do I set the input format to Window Media Player and output movie?

it should automatically determine the file type when you click browse and then select your movie. then you choose the file type you want to change it to if you scroll down a little.

Anybody Else?

srry…cant help you w/ utv…
but if the movie isnt on the net at all yet you should put it on youtube so we can all see it!:smiley:

but if it already is…i dont know much about that kind of stuff

Sorry for being late. Our upload Frontend is a bit damaged so the java aplet crashes if you try to upload. So you can only upload via FTP with this dates:

FTP upload:

server: upload.unicycle.tv
user: utvupload
pw: daolpuvtu

or for upload via Browser:

after uploading your file you can continue with step 2 on the upload page of utv to add your comment and video name and that stuff and don’t forgot to select there your video befor you save.
It can be wmv or flash or mov and should work directly after you save it.
you will get 2 links then, one to download and one to watch it. The download link will work any way, the link to watch it only with flv, wmv or mov.
the file name must be free of special fonts, thats also important. You can name after as you like.

I hope that helps to make it running. If not contact me directly under olarf@zappateria.de