unicycle.tv second edition

Hey folks,

we are just done with the next version of utv. Check out www.unicycle.tv read the news and enjoy.

Ride on,

-> www.unicycle.tv

It looks good! I really like the new version, its much easier to use and it looks better.

Great site,

I can’t believe I missed version 1.

Hint to video makers:
Please DEINTERLACE your videos before you upload them.
The strange horizontal Banding throughout the “Compilation” video
is due to to resizing an interlaced video to a frame based one.

When I made that I just edited together 3-4 other movies into one. So there were a bunch of different formats and resolutions and stuff. I was using final cut pro for the first time and I didn’t know what I was doing so I couldn’t change settings and stuff.

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    Much easier:D

I agree, the site looks much better and easier to navigate now than before.

Site looks nice and it’s easy to use. I wonder what language is “Hrvatska”.

Good to hear all that positive comments :slight_smile:

Hrvatska is the Croatian Language.

We hope that time by time we got much more languages, especially Danish and Spanish would be great.
Please contact us if you are interested to support another language. It is very easy and comfortable to handle and no technical knowledge is needed.