unicycle.tv in on air

Some of you may already have heard some rumors, now it is reality.
unicycle.tv is on air !
Now it is up to you to fill it with life. A lot of space and bandwidth is waiting for YOUR videos.
Of course, also unicycle.tv keeps its eyes wide open for new highlights. If everything is going smooth, we will stream the Unicon 13 completely live
At this point, we would like to say a big thank you to BIT as Sponsor and to Dan Heaton for his promised cooperation. Wogri has provided us with his Trailer and the incredible Mo did the “overnight” programming of this great website.


Merry Christmas and a happy new year from the unicycle.tv crew

Cool site.
I will post my movies if they are done

Thx for compliments and the good Idea to send us some movies :slight_smile:
It could only grow together with all of you !

i know this may sound dumb but do you know if it is live what day unicon 13 will be on there

We are actually work on the Setupm to stream Unicon 13 LIVE over all days.
When we are sure that no technical or financial reasons could stop us we will announce the exact dates and timetable on unicycle.tv
Of course we couldnt stream several competitions at the same time so we had to select but we will send those other stuff while the night.

You will aslo find this Information on the Unicon Hompage at their News Board

Will yoou be a rider or audience ?

how to upload movies

i have some movies… but i cant figure out how to send the movies to them… how do i send them my movies i made???

@ irvinegr: thamks for supporting us !!

depending on the size you can send them by Email or by FTP upload
Movies below 10 MB you could send to olarf@zappateria.de , for movies bigger than 10 MB please send me an Email to the same adress and I will send you FTP account dates to upload the movie.
We are working on an “upload frontend” to make it more easy in the future.

How did you get at Alex Bik’s place?

succes, and greetings from only 5 hops away

traceroute to http-unix.bip.bit.nl (, 64 hops max, 44 byte packets
 1  fe-3-1.rtr01.ams1.unicycle.net (  0.889 ms  0.744 ms  0.728 ms
 2  en4-1-global.nlisp.muntinternet.net (  0.524 ms  0.458 ms  0.425 ms
 3  m20-1-tc2.ring02-fe.muntinternet.net (  1.761 ms  1.428 ms  1.407 ms
 4  sara.ams-ix.network.bit.nl (  1.593 ms  1.690 ms  1.614 ms
 5  jun1.kelvin.network.bit.nl (  2.649 ms  2.617 ms  2.621 ms
 6  http-unix.lb.network.bit.nl (  2.521 ms  2.492 ms  2.440 ms

is there an english version in the making…?

Right there at the top. Just click it.

@ leo: what is an “Alex Bik Place” ?

@ James Potter / Trapper: We will change to a new start page soon. Than you could select english or german when you enter the page. It will be more easy to find than.

Alex Bik seems to be your sponsor.

Yes you are right. A block in my head.
BIT NL is our friendly Sponsor for the unicycle TV Project and so it is more or less in Alex hands.
Do you know if he is also unicyclist ?

This is great!!!
I’ll check it out!

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Uni tv is alright

i watched it and some of the riding was really good ya i would support it :sunglasses:

They should try to look at the lanaguage request header and determine what language is prefered.

Good Idea and maybe the best way.
Mo is actually working on some improvements like that to make it a little more comfortable for you.
So all comments are welcome :slight_smile:

Newcommer of the site, glad to have found it

Unicycle tv looks really impressive, hopefully ill be able to learn some of that and post videos to help contribute too. =P

Ive been unicycling for two years now mostly just distance though and id love to learn more.

Im in northern VA and dont know many unicyclists in the area. Anyone nearby feel free to message me on aim (LeapAndLookLater) or send me a pm.

Great work on the page you guys =D

Thanks for your compliments :slight_smile:
We are looking forward to your Videos and I hope you will find some more riders close to you. Riding with some people improves the fun a lot.

We got some new Clips online (thx to the contributors !) and we are working together with Uniplex.org from now on :slight_smile:
I think this will improve our Programm.