Cool video :smiley: Nothing really big, but still good filmed and edited :slight_smile: where are you riding at? Looks like some pretty funny places to ride :smiley:

Nice, I like it.:slight_smile:


as i said on facebook, too bad you used a song already used in another unicycle vid… plus i think you editing is not good with the music
anyway the filming and the riding were good :wink:

I agree with Bobousse.
But steel an awesome video!:slight_smile:

Nice video! I really liked the locations!

Sorry didn’t knew it was used before… Hope you don’t exspect me to watch all uni videos, and remember the songs :stuck_out_tongue:
Now that i uploaded the video i kind of see what you mean with the edit, but i don’t think it’s that bad… anyway that’s just IMO

Nice video :slight_smile: was very enjoyable. Really nice scenery and filming and riding.

I’d have to agree that its impossible to know for sure if a song has been used for a unicycle video before or not…as long as a video is new footage and you can tell some effort has been put in to the riding, filming,editing etc I font people should complain about songs that have been used before. It worked nicely with the riding!

Keep up the top work guys :slight_smile:

yep, it’s not that important or anything
i don’t want to show off or anything, but i think my editing matched more the song

I agree :slight_smile: I should have chosen a more relaxing song…
But just so you know i didn’t took the music from you… i found it randomly on youtube :slight_smile:
And i loved it so much i just had to use it :stuck_out_tongue:

Enjoyed the video!