Unicycle Tricktionary - FINALLY!

Someone had to do this sooner than later. This is VERY incomplete, but I believe this project would work best if it was created collectively. So please, if you have invented tricks, know a lot of trick nomenclature, or just have some time on your hands, please add to the list! (The spredsheet is editable by anyone with the link.) In the future, I hope to see this as a webpage where categories are tags, so you can look up any trick by what combination of categories of tricks (tags) comprise it.

Also, if you are web savvy and could turn this into an attractive wiki page, please talk to me!

One important thing to note if you add tricks, please adhere to the defined categories. If the trick you are thinking about doesn’t fit into a category, please notify me. Categories will be necessary as tags to look up tricks when the spreadsheet is uploaded as a user-friendly webpage.

The Tricktionary has grown immensely with urban tricks (flatland and street), but it’s definitely lacking in freestyle. If you know freestyle tricks, please add. If there are new categories needed for freestyle tricks, please let me know.

If somebody has the time, just translate the IUF’s Standard Skills List into the Tricktionary. That would cover a lot of ground of commonly known, named Freestyle tricks. But there are many others, of course, and variations, etc. :slight_smile:

What a great resource!

There have been 180 maxwhips now right?

Sure I’ve seen them but no idea who did them first or when though.