Unicycle tricks.

Ok, I’m new to unicycling and I looked up some of the tricks everyone talks about, but I have a hard time trying to tell the difference from:

The 360 unispin

The sex change looked a little different…

Not looking to offend anyone, just looking to understand these tricks better…

360 unispin is when a rider jumps off and spins the uni 360 degrees. Cranks don’t move.
Hick Flip is a 180 unispin with a single crankflip.
tre-flip is a 360 unispin (see above) and a crankflip.



What is it when your whole body moves with the uni when you spin 180 or 360? Is it a real trick?

Yeah totally.
you will usually just call it by how far you spin.
180, 360, 540, so on and so forth.


When all else fails Wiki is here to help. Whenever I get confused with all these sex changes and what not I turn to this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Street_unicycling
Its good. Check it out.
Catch ya