unicycle tricks

I made a little movie with my newest tricks :slight_smile:

=> http://www.e-juggling.be/media.php?film=29

Cool vid! Keep it up :).

Your street is getting pretty good.You better not be switching to street though :astonished:

no :stuck_out_tongue:
It is just because everything is wet…: Can’t trial :frowning:
and jumped 85 cm static today :D:)

Awesome man. Really fast inprovement. Good consistency too.

Some good tricks in there. Especially the street landing (1:30 was my favorite part).

Except you should really work on cleanliness. Most of the things you were doing in there were quite sketchy. Try hopping less and try just being more in control, and also make your 180 flip tricks more of 180s and less of 90s.