Unicycle Tricks Thread


There are so many threads like “crankflips help?”, “I learnt 360 unispins today”, “Whats this trick called?” ect.

This thead is for help with tricks, new trick ideas, tricks you’ve learnt and questions about tricks.

I’ll start, I saw this pic of a “wall stall” on xavier collos’s website and was wondering how its done and who can do it?

wall stall.jpg

I can… but my uni stay on the gorund he picks it up…and Im WAY sketchyer

Question is, does he land it? Seems like quit a challenge to get off your uni, do a wall plant, and get back on. I’d love to see a movie of that. Same with his Superman.

have u seen defect? he does all that in there.

have u tried http://www.koxx-one.com? The video clip FISE 2005 has a clip of Xavier landing the Superman move… Also, try watching Dan Heaton’s DVD “Defect” for the Wall Plant clips… You should have more faith in Xavier!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Xaviers website has videos of him doing both a superman and a wall plant, The superman (while balancing on the top of a barrel) is in ‘Street Motion’, and I think the wall plant is in the Koxx 1 Road Trip video.

You need to go to the french language version of the website, then galerie, then videos.


I haven’t seen defect but i really want to! Its not in any of the Koxx vids either. Is a wall stall like a wall plant except both feet touch the wall? I learnt wall plants yesterday :sunglasses: .

both of those screen shots are straight off “defect” and yeah he lands them both!!!

Like this… :wink:


wall stall1.jpg


Wouldn’t that just make it harder?

haha that is funny. In the moive spider man thats how they made him climb up walls

I was in awe when I first saw Xavier land that trick. He really does come off the unicycle and plant on the wall like that. It’s completely insane. The kickup he does is crazy as well.