unicycle trick tree

this thread is NOT about oak or willow trees that can perform tricks on a uni!

i want to be able glide and coast and hop 360.
Its quite obviouse that to be able to hop 360 you first learn to hop and then hop 180.
I was then thinking what are the most useful things to learn before gliding and coasting. this lead to the idea of a trick tree or a table of trick prerequisites, this sounded like hard work for me to do, and i’m sure one of you guys reading this has already made such a document or pretty picture with boxes and arrows.

can i have a copy?


I’m actually working on this at the moment. I was going to have it seperated into freestyle, trials, muni and street with the crossovers identified. I’d then probably try and get it produced as a poster. I don’t think there’s anything out there like it at the moment, the only ‘trick’ progression we’ve got is the 10 skill levels.


For gliding, the progression is: riding, wheel walking, one-footed wheel walking, gliding.

For coasting either: riding, one-footed riding, coasting OR riding, one-footed riding, wheel walking, one-footed wheel walking, gliding, coasting.
Gliding isn’t absolutely necessary for coasting, but is probably the easiest method.

I believe a really helpful skills when working on coasting is knowing onefoot with both legs. Though i’m the only one from around here that worked on coasting with my bad leg it worked out well. Since your other foot is more use to going to the frame (being it usaully does, that’s your good side remember) the coast is gotten into better. But yeah, just me.