Unicycle Trials w/ Handlebars?

This could be a really dumb idea in practice, but has anyone tried replacing their seat with handlebars? 1 piece scooter bars seem ideal…


The bars could give your really great control over the unicycle, at the expense of some balance, but maybe it could be a learned skill.

Back when we started doing High Jump as a competition event, I figured the ultimate cycle for it (this was before high speed rolling hops) would be a 12" wheel, or smaller, with a little T-bar instead of a seat.

But if rolling hops deliver the highest jumps (that clear the bar), the best vehicle might be a 19" or 20", lightweight wheel with really short cranks.

But rolling hops don’t deliver the highest jumps (not yet at least) If I could find a really cheap handle bar I think I will try it out, but I really like doing SI trials, so I don’t the the handlebars would be that good for me… :slight_smile: