Unicycle trials shows this week-end

The Bedford Unicycles Factory Team will be doing 5 shows this week-end at the Junction Arts Festival in Toronto.

www.junctionartsfest.com High Park Stage

The shows are at 2pm, 4pm and 7pm Saturday
and 2pm and 4pm Sunday

Everyone is welcome to come out and check them out. You will be impressed !!!

We will be getting video footage and pictures
and post some after the event.

The new structures are amazing… and high !

You can call if you have any questions.


That’s a great looking schedule - your Unicycle team has exactly equal the number of slots as the Bike Trials team. Best of luck for a great event. Looking forward to seeing photos afterwards.


fantastic, who said unicycling was a sport?

i wa thinking of doing somthing like this one day but your guys beat me to it.