Unicycle Trials Event

Unicycle Trials Event In Warsaw IN on May 8th, Call (574)533-7936 for mor info and derections or e-mail at isaacLn@juno.com.
there will be 7 sections 3 loops.
Cost will be $15 per rider.
All sections will be natural type riding.
this event will be in coordination with Winona lake bicycle trials event also on May 8th.
It’ll be crazy, whoever’s in the area should check it out!

That is awesome! I live close to warsaw! I have never heard anyone mention an event within 500 miles of where I live. I will do whatever I can to make it. I have only been riding since Christmas and so will not be able to actually participate but I am obsessed so I will come and watch. Maybe I will actually get to see a real unicycle in person. I will dream about it for the next month. Would it be easier for you to just post directions to the event here? If not and you read this, please E-mail me at RangerForrest@hotmail.com. I can’t get stupid AOL to open my E-mail.

Wow, that’s within reach of us, too. But we’ve already committed to going to Regionals in Minneapolis on that day. Be sure to keep us all informed of future events. Thanks for the offer.


Excellent! I am definitely down! I was just bummed today about living too far to drive to Minneapolis or Ottawa for those events in May, but this is perfect. How many unicyclists are expected, Zelten?

maybe like 6 or so, not too many but I think it’ll be fun meetin other uni-ers

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What is Trials?

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> maybe like 6 or so, not too many but I think it’ll be fun meetin other
> uni-ers
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On Tue, 13 Apr 2004 04:54:21 -0500, “Kokomo Juggler” wrote:

>What is Trials?

Trials, in the context of unicycling, is having fun with things like
pallets, picknick tables, cable spools and other man-made or natural
stuff, by riding, jumping or hopping on them, off them and over them.
Or trying to do so.

I somehow have the feeling this can be expressed better.

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I know the definition to be: Get from point A to Point B on the unicycle without touching any part of the body to the obstacles or ground. For further info, look up u-system trials or something like it on google. That should have Kris’ u-system trials page come up.

This event is goin to be all natural, so it will have gaps from log to log, or onto rocks and what not, I cant wait