Hey. Whos riding uni trial? Are you a bicycle trialist too?

just about everybody rides trials on these forums but most of them aren’t into b*kes.

Bike trials is where its at…use to ride stock and mod…street mostly…but my backs all twisted.

Gonna piss some people off, but bike trials is way more core than uni trials.

I think bike trials movies are more fun to watch than unicycle trials, but I think that unicycle trials are more fun.
Wait, I can’t say that, I’ve never tried bike trials. But I think unicycle trials look like more fun.

Used to be into bike trials. I wasn’t very good and riding on my huffy type bike didn’t help. I now ride with a motorcycle trials guy. He’s all like VROOOM! VROOM!:stuck_out_tongue:

i suck butt at bike trials

Hey,I saw a thing on REAL TV about bike trials,and the guy sucked. I could do most of what he did.He bounced up and down like a unicyclist and did some gaps,were he hopped one whell over first,then the other.and they made it sound SO cool and extreme and dangerous. :roll_eyes: It was kinda dorky.

i saw that thing on real tv. they said that he started bike trials. i have been riding bike trials for a couple years now. last year i bough a Norco Evolve. its pretty sweet. bike trials is what started me into unicycling.

I didn’t even know there was a such thing as bike trials until i started posting here.

We are two boys riding trails. One of us ride trails on a motorcycle too, while the other don’t. Both of us ride bicycles too, but not for trails.