Unicycle TRIAL

here is my new film

look this

woah! not what I was expecting, you’re really good! :smiley:
Loved the 180 down the 5, pedal grabs, turnaround and other stuff! :slight_smile:

Cant watch because of stupid sony media thing from youtube :frowning:

lowl unable to watch in sweden

You have a lot of spring in your hops and didn’t tuck very much in that table hop, so I bet when you learn to tuck better you’ll be able to hop REALLY high:D (or you can already and didn’t put it in the vid)

your damn good for you size and age? how old are you? but next time in your vids i wouldn’t put so much of the same type of line (the one where you did a skinny the did a little pedal grab to the pallets) it wasnt a bad line (bet you could get them to tire) or anything but too many of them. :roll_eyes:

I am 13

well i sucked compared to you when i was 13 :D:D:D:D:D :astonished:

Hur länge har du cyklat nu?
For how long have you been unicycling now?

Btw, jättebra video :slight_smile: Men jag håller ändå med Aidan.

jag har cyklat i 2 år
I have ride to 2 years

NICE !!!
I didnot expect that … and only riding for 2 years…
I liked the rail/skinnyrides the most!!!

Blir det inte typ 3,5 år…? :thinking: http://enhjulingsfolket.se/viewtopic.php?id=2460
Isn’t it like, 3,5 years?

how can I count it wrong I’ve cycled for four years
im so sorry