unicycle trial Aalter

here is our video from a day at a trialpark/club in our country :smiley:
it was really a lot of fun and we weren’t used to jump on rocks,or that kind of parkour :slight_smile:


hope you enjoy it
and give a comment :smiley:

Hey Tim

That was i really nice Trial Movie.

Looked like you guys had a lot of fun togheter;)

song was used in a vid i think


Nice video, next time use protection…

Song was used in a video from mano1wheel

That place looks like so much fun. Great video.

But actually Justin Kohse (JKohse) was the original user for that song, then followed by Riley Crosby (manon1wheel).

I want to ride there though!


Oh, I knew I heard the somewhere before to, but didn’t know from what movie.

Nice riding and tight looking course! I wish we had something like that here! We mostly ride natural trials when we ride here.


Man that looks FUN ! nice vid.

nice vid, sweet trials park!

dont be so worried about re-using songs, if its a good enough song then go for it. Im not to worried about.

good vid boys!

that looks soooooooooooooooooooooooo fun!!!

Nice Vid!

who cares if the song is used before :stuck_out_tongue:

awesome video, and that places looks really cool!

great riding! we need a park like that here in arizona.

i like the song (cough cough) :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool video. Looks like a great place to ride. Just reminds and inspires me to work on my trials and my trials course.

wow, thats a cool place to ride.

I thought I recognised the song, I was watching riley’s vid yesturday!

Everyone needs to get over this ‘the song has been used before’ bullshit…

Nice video :slight_smile:
Haha, I love the way the two skateboarders look at you at 2.15 :smiley:

Song did ruin it for me :stuck_out_tongue: Its just that justin’s and rileys were popular videos that I watch a few times each then downloaded the track and listened to it a farther million times.

Nice riding though.

if i had access to a place like that i would definitely do trials.

Enjoyed watching that. Great trials skills, awesome lines. You guys have great control and made it look quite smooth. Well done !!

Great vid:D:D

IMO it’s best to try to not re-use songs, but not a huge deal if it already has been. Esp if it has excellent riding/editing like this and Riley’s :sunglasses: