Unicycle training or lack of it

Dose any body here ever go out and train for unicycling? I guess train is not the proper word i mean pratcie. Like no just working on a new skill but like going out and doing so many high hops so many gaps so many rolling hops then going throw a quick runthrow of most if not all the skills you can do?
I was just woundering what your thoughts on this were?

yeh. I do.
It helps a good amount with my ability to succeed in doing the trick more often.

soemtmes i lke to go out and prctics my speeling with soem paeprs and pecnils, it rly helps me to convey my messages to a larger number of people…

Just messing with you, Cliff :wink:

Sometimes I set up little trials lines with things from around the yard and garage, or practice riding skinnies along a line of chalk on the ground.

Ya Im go out and practice my spelling a lot! maybe you and I sould go out one day and work on our spelling words togeather.:stuck_out_tongue:

I do for muni… otherwise I suck and get hurt.

Lots of distance rider’s train and cross-train too.

I do that a lot, trying in my meager way to build a baseline. See the documentary on Jackie Chan if you can, to see how many kicks and punches he had to do every day for the first four hours of training to build a baseline.

I just… go out and ride.

I practice my skills ‘repetoire’ every time I go out riding recreationally (just hitting some lines, meeting friends in the park, etc), I try and do everything I can do at least once, and try at least one new thing. I also use the monday night University Circus Society Meeting to work on flatland & freestyle stuff, since I can’t do trials when there are no obstacles…


yes, i also do… i just go on a long ride somtimes and push myself until im almost dead(for Muni), or out of the blue i’ll just take a big drop off somthing i pretty much know i cant land and then when i do smaller drops i have no problem with them. i have these stairs i jump off, and i just go higher each up each time. I’m at about 6ft that i can’t land, so maybe 5’ to 5.5’ i can land.

So yea i guess i do “train” or “Practice”

Its usually more testing my fear though enstead of my ability to do things, but i just get better doing those things the more i practice, so in the end iam more able to do stuff better :wink:

do i. man do i. i go out for hours and hours andhours just for one trick. and i wont stop until i get that trick. sometimes i record progress like with a tape measurer-like when i learned stand up ww’s. and like with glides, i spent all day for like 2 weeks on this hill. right now im at my longest learning stage ever-2months- on 360 unispins. in that time yesterday was the only time i went out and brushed up on my other stuff. im hoping to wrap it up and move on to crankflips, seat wraps and other stuff. so yea, i practice religously all the time-but i always have fun with it.

but thats not training thats going out and working on a skill. I think it would help you if you went out and worked on all of them and then worked on the 360 uni-spin. By the way what helped me get 180 uni-spin was I would say, “ok this time when I take my feet of the peddals I am going to pull the up as high as i can do the uni spin”( i would never land it) then the next time as wide out as i can( agin i would fail) but then the next time I would land it.

i practice all the time…mostly just hops and gaps…practice practice practice