Unicycle Trading Post

I’ve added a new feature to the Unicycling Home Page, the Unicycle Trading Post.
Several people have posted messages to the mailing list recently looking to buy
unicycles, and some have been offered for sale in the past. I figured it would
be nice to have all of these kind of messages in one place, in a location easily
available to web users. Here’s how it works:

Send your information to me or the unicycle mailing list. You’ll get the best
coverage if you post it to the list, and then I put it on the home page.

Include information on what you want/have. What size wheel, brand info, price
range, etc. It is also helpful to provide some idea of where you live, so people
will know whether they can drive over, or if shipping will be necessary.

I’ll turn the writeup into HTML and put it on the home page, and include a
verification date. If time passes and the posting looks stale, I may check with
you to see if it is still current.

I’d prefer to keep detailed vendor out of the trading post, but I do include a
reference to the vendor list I maintain in the FAQ, and I’m happy to put
anyone in there.


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