Gday All,

The Unicycle Tour of Tasmania (UniTas) has slowed a bit now because I am
busy finishing off planning for a world record attempt at the biggest hug
for peace- go to http://www.worldpeace.org.au and check out the PEACE HEART
RUN page.

I am still in the process of organising to build an epicyclic- all these
things take much longer to organise than I thought. Anyhow in a couple
weeks time I should have all the part I need to make a couple of them.

In the meantime, check out the links we put on the daily plans, and surf
around a bit to check out how awesome Tasmania is. If there are any
suggestions from riders then let us know very soon, as we will soon be
booking accomodation now that a few deposits have come through. After
September 11th Hug for Peace- James and I will finish off the daily
information, and I will get to work trying to round up some sponsorship.

There are a 3 spots left- so if you know anyone who wants to go, let us
know ASAP. It would be a good idea to start increasing volume of riding
now- I would be thinking at this stage about 5-6hours worth each week. I
will do up a training plan for the last 3months.


p.s. the webpage for this 1300km unicycle ride is:

Hi Joel,

Tasmania is awesome- I wish I could be there, but three weeks is probably a bit much time off work. Any chance of getting an epicyclic hub though? :wink:


p/s Mt Wellington is definitely ridæable by bike, I don´t think it should be too difficult on a 26´Uni.