Unicycle Toolkit

I’m interested in constructing a list of necessary unicycle repair/maintainance tools. I’ll start it out:

crank puller

Allen key set, including 8mm.
15mm wrench (spanner)
Torque wrench
10mm socket
Tire levers
Spoke key


5mm allen for seat post
8mm allen for ISIS cranks

tire pump and patch kit.

you can get all of that much cheaper if bught seperately.

Pipe cutter
Glue-on patch kit
Floor pump
Crank puller

Think that’s everything.

Hammer and duct tape.

If it moves and it shouldn’t, tape it.

If it doesn’t move and it should, smack it until it does.

thats funny shtuff right there!
i heart you maestro
i havn’t seen you around here much lately.

Ouch. Looks like over half of what you are paying for is the case.

Tig welder
Powder coater
CNC machine
Plasma cutter
Vise Grips
Closed Cell and Memory Foam
Multitude of spare parts
And the most important thing a HUGE garage to work in.

the Quax Toolkit rocks !
Even if its a bit expensive, it is worth the money

Those are expensive tools.

Some seat post clamps use 4mm hex (allen) wrenches.

I don’t think tire levers are needed.

I do. Tires are a pain to get off otherwise, specially if its an Alex DX32 rim.

your welcome to take my tyre off without any levers next time i need to :stuck_out_tongue:

they are a must

and the qu-ax toolkit does seem alittle overpriced. Shame i’d get it if it wasnt.

I’m glad I have sooo many tools for my motorcycle. Whenever I need anything adjusted on my uni I always have the perfect tool. Yeah its nice :sunglasses:

This is a handy pedal/crank wrench.

Well maybe i’m just weird then. I’ve never had a problem taking off/putting on tires.

duct tape works well for cracked handles if they arent cracked tooo bad!