Unicycle TN 2000-Days 5 and 6

I hear these two did not get there either…

Tuesday, April 25 - Day 5

Mornin’ All!"

Yesterday, (Tuesday) Don called me around 9:15 am and reported that he was on a
hillside overlooking a dark green meadow. He felt peaceful as a great hawk
sailed circles in the sky on this gorgeous April day.

My cycler was in the heart of Amish Country.

He told me that while riding North on Hwy 43 andhe was practically in a traffic
jam of Amish people on horse drawn carriages. In the midst of the Amish, horses,
and carriages, a broadcaster with a mic waved to Don. He wanted to interview him
on the radio. Don gave the man one of his brochures and the man said he was with
WML Country Radio Station. He interviewed Don for several minutes. Don told the
man about our web site (www.unicycler.com) and the man seemed to be enthused
about our effort.

After talking on the radio, Mr. Unicycle was back on the road. Still, his
situation was “iffy” with the wheel. He hoped it would hold out for the rest
of the day. Meanwhile, people honked and waved as Don headed northward on
Highway 43.

Around 2:30 pm Don called me again. He mused that he was about to join the
Amish. (Pssssst! Coming from Don that is a little scary!) Don is old-fashioned
in many ways. He likes meals that require a lot of processing. The more
complex–the better he likes it. I wait for the day when he says, “Honey, we
need to save more on electricity, so I bought you a gift” as he proudly pulls
out a washboard found at a flea market.

Don said the Amish stared at him. He does resemble an oversized bumble bee in
his orange jacket.

He arrived in Lewisburg around 7:00 pm. He said one girl asked if he traveled
around the world for “The Peddler Bike Shop.”

His brother, Jess, met Don last night. He had tools that Don needed. Together,
they repaired his unicycle and it is as good as new. Unfortunately, Jess could
not stay over and had to drive back to Alabama.

Well, I’m about to fall asleep here at the keyboard… I had to work on a
picture lay-out for web-site this evening.

take care all:

Sheree Hudgins

He had a long day today. He rode 54 miles TODAY…

Add that to the 205 miles he has already accumulated…

Don has now walked/ridden 259 miles from Ronald McDonald House of Memphis!

Day 6 - Wednesday Day 7

Slow Wheel Day

Don left Lewisburg this morning around 9:15 and it has been a quiet day. He
called me from Bedford, Tennessee and was destined towards Shelbyville at that
time. His ultimate destination was Tullahoma. He has mainly been riding on back
country roads.

During his ride he saw Tennessee Walking Horses, goats and Peacocks!

He arrived in Tullahoma, Tennessee around 7:00 pm. He described it as a “city
suburb” instead of rustic or quaint like several other small towns he has
been through.

He is tired and sore and needs to rest. He even suggested that I keep my letter
short tonight. He is starting his route early Friday morning so he can take off
early tomorrow evening. I will meet him there tomorrow night. Since he doubled
his mileage, he plans to take Saturday off and we plan to tour the McMinnville
area on Saturday. He will depart McMinnville at 7:00am Sunday and I will return
to Memphis.

In my absence, my daughter, Diana, will email Friday’s update on Saturday – and
I will do Saturday’s email update once I get back on Sunday.

Our web friend, Chuck, may or may not be working on the weekend. It is possible
the web site will not be updated till Monday.

As for Don and his unicycle, his new bearings are working just fine!

His mileage today was 41 miles.

I need to pack.

God bless you.

Sheree Hudgins

I was corrected on mileage…He rode 55 miles yesterday which made his mileage
total 260 yesterday.

Add 41 miles for today and that adds up to – 301 miles from Ronald McDonald
House of Memphis!