Unicycle TN 2000-Day 13

UNICYCLE TENNESSEE 2000- DAY 13 by Diana Smith (filling in once again for
her mother)

Mom had a really long drive today! She went to Kingsport to meet Don, and it
took her 11 hours to get there. She arrived in Kingsport at around 8:30 EST
(Eastern Standard Time). She and Don called me around that time and told me
that Don got a lot of support from motorists who honked and waved. Also, they
said that our unicycler only has about 20 to 30 miles to go! Things are
getting exciting!

Don really didn’t have much in the way of interesting adventures today, but he
sure got a workout- he went 65 miles! Right now, he and Mom are at the West Side
Inn in Kingsport just off of I-181. Mom says that Kingsport is really pretty,
with lots of beautiful hills and mountains.

By the way, the website may be a little off lately. This is because the dreaded
I LOVE YOU virus hit all of the websites controlled by River City
Communications, the company which our site is maintained by. Therefore, there
will be no more edits on the site until future notice.

Tomorrow should really be something! It’s the day when Don’s ride ends. There is
word of a possible sattelite feed from Bristol to Memphis. Whether there is or
not, you might want to keep an eye on Channel 5 or Channel 13 if you’re in the
Memphis area.

Take care everybody. I’m sorry there isn’t much to write about today.


Don’s Mileage: 65 + 523= 588 miles from Ronald McDonald House of Memphis!