Unicycle TN 2000-Day 10

Monday Night - May 1

Don’s “Wonderful Life”

Eastern Tennessee: Big Wheel is becoming known in “these here parts.”

Don began his day in Crossville and headed eastbound toward Rockwood. A man
approached him who was also named Hudgins. He told Don that his son was also
named Don.

Don rode into Rockwood at 11:10 central. He heard that a cable station, Channel
7, wanted to interview him. Around noon, Channel 7 of Harriman, Tennessee
interviewed him. One of the broadcasters used to ride a unicycle herself. For a
final shot, she and Don rode down the highway on their unicycles.

He also learned that two radio stations were interested in him. He discovered
that when he saw two men working on a truck. One of them stared at him from
under the hood and then he yelled to Don. “Hey its YOU! They want to interview
you on the radio!”

Big Wheel was interviewed on radio stations WOFE-AM and WFUX-FM in Rockwood. He
said the guys ‘cut up’ with him. Don is a good sport and it was all in fun.

At 4:00 pm, Don arrived at the Visitors Bureau in Roane County. Beth Sams, the
manager, in the true spirit of Tennessee Volunteerism, invited my hero to stay
at the guest house on their family farm. Don was honored and accepted the
gracious invitation.

Don described it as a little guest house across the street from the Main House.
There were two big barns beside him and a silo. He described the scenery as
similar to the Swiss Alps! His room was up on the second floor and there was a
balcony which overlooked the front yard.

Don toured their dairy farm. This farm has been in their family for a couple of
generations. In addition to cattle, they also raise horses and goats.

Beth took Don to a friend’s house and he was again interviewed for a monthly
newsletter and he also had his picture taken for a local paper. Beth then took
Don to meet their county executive. (I don’t have the man’s name – Apologies).
He said, “You are the unicyclist I heard about.”

Don - I think we need to hire an agent.

Don told me he was hungry and he was looking forward to lasagna and salad for
supper. (I noticed Don’s appetitie was insatiable on Saturday in
Middle-Tennessee! His metabolism is running faster now with all that peddling

  • – He downed two Mexican Dinners and was ready to eat a huge yoghurt cone soon
    after that!)

Now, my honey is back on the farm, ready to shower and relax those knees.

Well, that’s all the NEWS for now folks!

take care,

Sheree Hudgins

Don’s total miles for today was 43 miles…

Yesterday’s count - 399 miles Add 43 miles for today and that makes: