Unicycle TN 2000-Day 10

Big Wheel Keep on Turnin’

Prior to leaving Kingston this morning, Don rode with Beth Sams as she dropped
her children off at school. Then, Beth drove Don to the Kingston Visitors Bureau
at 8:30 am where he resumed his ride. We thank Beth for her hospitality. Don
told me how beautiful her farm is.

He stopped at a little convenience store for biscuits and then continued
peddling his wheel.

Don unicycled on highway 70 through 2 or 3 counties and arrived in Knox county.
Finally, he hit the city limits of Knoxville. He said he hit Knoxville around
noon and the traffic was awful. He battled traffic for 2 or 3 hours. He finally
arrived in downtown Knoxville around 2:00 pm.

He also drove through the campus of The University of Tennessee-Knoxville. He
said it was beautiful. Then he turned on Broadway to Magnolia and followed

Today was uneventful, except for the awful traffic. When I talked to him at
6:00 pm, he was at a fast food joint drinking a coke. He wanted to rest before
heading out of town on 11E. He hoped to find a motel soon. He was on the
southeast side of Knoxville.

It was hotter today and he was very tired when we talked. He said the sun hit
him ‘pretty hard today.’

I chatted with him around 7:00. We talked on his cell phone for a good 30
minutes. (I dread seeing THAT bill after this trip!). He was eating Chinese Food
at the China City Restaurant. I could hear him smacking sweet and sour sauce as
the meter ran for Bell South Mobility.

As for tomorrow, Don will take Highway 11E till Morristown. He plans to
spend the night there and then catch highway 25 to Bean Station. He may
spend the night in Rogersville Thursday and on Friday morning ride on
Highway 11W into Bristol.

Don was thrilled that he received a letter from Governor Sundquist! I read it to
him over the cell phone of course.

I will leave Memphis Thursday morning and hope to meet Don Thursday night. I
will arrive before Don in Bristol on Friday.

Either my daugher will do updates, or I will find a way to a computer and e-mail
our other hero, Chuck (somehow/someway) the updates from East Tennessee. Chuck
has helped us out immeasurably with our web site!!!

take care!

Sheree Hudgins

442 miles accumulated as of yesterday 47 miles he rode today which makes Don 489
total miles from Ronald McDonald House of Memphis!