Unicycle Tire/Pumping issue?

Hi everyone. I’m new.

I mean I’m Dave. Totally new in this unicycling fields.
Good to meet you all.

I’m not sure if there is a problem but the tire can’t be pumped using the mini pump. Here are some details about the tire:

creepy crawlers tyres

Inflate to 240-345 KPA (PSI/2.4-3.4BAR)

Please advise me on this matter, thank you.

Hi dave1. What happens when you try to pump it?

Most unicycles inner tubes have Schrader valve stems like the ones on cars. Bicycle pumps can usually be switched to use on either Presta or Schrader stems. Could it be that your mini pump is set for Presta right now? That’s all I can think of.


Hi Eddie. It’s the second type, Schrader valve. I couldn’t push the pump handle in a full movement. Seems like it needs some kind of harder pressure. Or there could be a hole in the tyre. I’m not sure. Is there any way to check that?

Btw this is the tire:

Can you push the pin in the valve by hand?

No I don’t think so, not by hand. I tried to release some air using a piece of metal that comes with the mini pump, and seems like the air come out just fine

Then the valve shall be fine. Either the pump does not have enough pressure to push the pin in, or it blocks the valve (however this can be possible), or the valve blocks something inside the pump (valve too deep or not deep enough in the pump?).

As I was trying to inflate my 27.5x3" tube with a mini hand pump, I had to plug on and off the pump at least 10x before I was able to get some air in. This pump only worked when its valve hole pointed vertical up and the valve was pushed in exactly deep enough and not a single mm too deep. Maybe your pump has the same problem.

What kind of pump is it? You have a high volume tire, and if you are using a high pressure mini pump you may have to pump a couple hundred times before you see anything happening. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but you get the idea. Mini pumps are made in either high volume, or high pressure versions.

On the other hand if you are using a ball pump you may not be able to overcome the pressure once the tire has 5-10psi. Some of those pumps are very high volume (very low pressure).

With mini pump, you mean such a telescope thing?
What happens if you do it at the gas-station?