Unicycle tips: Gaps & drops, etc.

Just having fun at the canyon today, and doing a much bigger drop, and a “rolling gap” with a little tutorial on both. Some unexpected comments from hikers & bikers too lol! Sorry if the volume is a little low I was kinda far from the mic at times!

Please forgive my indulging in some pull ups!:stuck_out_tongue: Watch after the credits for my ride inside the DMV!:smiley: (and a quickie 36er thingy) :sunglasses:

Your comments are appreciated! Hope you enjoy.:slight_smile:

Yet another entertaining vid from terry.

Nice work!

Thanks beeper! How’s your standup ww going? I’d be happy just to do it regular, lol!:slight_smile:

Very entertaining :). Your camera actually does a really good job at picking up your voice from that far away without too much background noise. I laughed quite a bit at the lame “lime” joke at the beginning haha.

Thanks. Yeah I was wondering how many ppl would even get that reference about “Lyme” disease, lol!:stuck_out_tongue:
I actually thought maybe I had contracted that since I go to that place so often, and sit down for breaks where I have found ticks…and they are very tiny and hard to spot.

I was having some weird symptoms that I thought could have been caused by a tick bite, but it’s doubtful. I’m a hypochondriac anyway!:o

Here’s some info I read about it, and it’s scary! Many bite victims never develop a rash or physical symtoms, making it very hard to diagnose & confirm. And blood tests are wholly unreliable.


loved every bit of that BRAVO, looking forward to the next movie, and what unicycle where you riding?

Well thank you! I’m not very good at tutorials, so if I do any more I’ll just put text instead explaining stuff lol. Well, I’ll be making another “UniGeezer” video soon with some intense riding on both my KH MUni and my radial 36er-both of which I used in this video-plus some more elaborate comedy bits. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I cannot say it is going well. It is probably the hardest trick I have yet to learn. I get up to the frame, all hunched over and holding on to the seat, and I get about one or two short pushes of the tire, and I start to fall forward, so I move the seat to land SIF, and if I miss the pedals on the way down… Well, you know what comes next.

Holy S##t! That’s what keeps me from trying stuff like that. Have you actually fallen a got hurt doing that? But I’ll bet you are close to getting it!

Awesome tutorial, Terry.

Looks like you have more than one post now. :wink:

haha yeah there were THOUSANDS all over the place! It was hard to not run over a lot of them since so many were just sitting there on the trail. It was like a “butterfly obstacle course”! :astonished:

Thanks just a little earlier there was just one, then like a short time later there were more!

Thanks everybody for the comments so far!:slight_smile:

This newest video has helped to push my total U2B views to 111,111! Maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket! :slight_smile: That’s so weird! A lot of times also when I just happen to glance at my watch-usually in the mornings-it will be 11:11am. Again, this seems to strange to be random and coincidence! :thinking:

I wish I could get one of my vids on a director’s choice thing, which would really pump the views up-sometimes thousands per day!-but that won’t happen because they won’t even consider videos if they have any copyrighted material, like music, on the videos. :frowning:

What type of music would you like for a video? I could help out and youd have my permission to use it.

Wow that would be awesome Jerrick! Um, well I like high energy stuff that is consistent throughout with not a lot of changes in tempo. But actually, I’m open to lots of diversity and maybe you have something in mind after seeing some of my stuff. Instrumentals are cool too; sometimes lyrics take attention from the video, or interfere with commentary from hikers/bikers, etc. :smiley:

I can do high energy. Kinda rockish metal. Want a solo in it? What length?

Just let me know and Ill get to work on it as soon as I bring my processor back home.

That would be fantastic! Well, my next video will probably be in the 3-4 min range. Yeah, a solo would be coolio too! And you could tell me how you would want the credits. (btw, I’ll have a little something coming to you via paypal soon! Work for me has been hella slow lately, but I’ll do what I can to help with your coast to coast ride!):smiley:

Nice video Terry. I am working on getting to drops over 2 ft now. Any additional tips in retrospect?


Wow, and oldie but moldy, haha! Well, what type of riding are you doing, and what kind/size uni do you have? One thing is you want to have adequate psi so as not to bottom out on your rim, but not too much so it’s hard as a rock either. Saddle height should be such that your legs are not locked at full down stroke, and you need to have a solid lift handle to hold onto when doing your drops.

You also want to roll out of your drop as soon as you land so you can distribute the impact and lessen the shock to you and your uni. It’s never really advisable to do drops more than 3 feet to dead flat with no roll out. Also, you really should have a uni with a splined hub and cranks, and a strong double walled rim. Shoes are also key and should have a very stiff, firm sole without a heel. 5.10 high impacts are awesome.

I basically have a 2008 KH 24" w/ maggies. I have low top 5.10 hi impact shoes. When I do 2 ft drops now I notice a pretty signifigant impact even though I try to fold when I hit. I have tried the roll out and when I can get it it helps. I guess it is just a matter of doing it. A lot of times I dead spot on roll outs when I try them over 2 ft. I’ll just keep working it.

It is a good video and I have been watching a bunch of your vids tonight. Keep up the great work.



Heaps good vid. :slight_smile:

Makes me wanna go out and muni.