unicycle timelapse/stopmotion experiment + bike and skateboard

This February I made three timelapse/stopmotion experiments. The series is called Ground. Check out the unicycle section:

ground.uni hi (112 mb)
ground.uni lo (41 mb)

If you’re interested, the other two parts:

ground.bike hi (165 mb)

Oh yes, and my friend Emil composed the music for uni.


Cool video, Jess. Thanks. Very hypnotic. A pink giraffe AND a pink trials? Are you in a rut?

Liked them all but my favorite was the bike one.

But my favorite scene I think would be in Uni where youre walking with the music and then it starts looking like slow steps but traveling very fast over the ground.

I really liked the rotating disabled symbol and the accompanying music transition.

Jerrick: Your sigline blows. When are you and Jackie and Phil going to roll over the hills and ride with the geezers?

nice shoes

Sweet, I like what your brewin’.