Unicycle Therapy - Video

Just finished putting together another video. This one is of Karl Roth and I bustin’ out some urban riding at the University of Ottawa a couple of weekends ago.

Check it out and let me know what you think.




Awesome!!! SLick beats, dope riding… It makes me long to be able to actually go out and ride instead of stuck here…

Very Nice.

Great movie, and it’s great to see it in widescreen. :slight_smile: Those pedal grabs were so controlled.

Excellent riding, and editing.


nice,cut…but i …cut/restart need better/cut Therapy…stop/start, go! cool crank…cut/start…stalls good.

the snow was/cut really cool…cut/record/go your on…nice.

Very nice! Very nice riding and footage!
I would go out to start practicing my one footed riding (learnt one footed idle yesterday), BUT, i have my non-studded tire since i had a indoor session last night, and can’t do anything on a uni outside, this sucks. :<

That’s a very cool video! I went and downloaded that song now too… darn you (:

Yeah sweet vid dude. It looked good as a whole package. I dig the widescreen too. And the riding was fantastic. I like that you went both ways on most of the lines. Shows skill. Rock on.

I want to learn seat out soooo bad…

You’re crazy in da coconut! Great music!

you have got some true talent

nice video

Thanks for the call guys (sarcasm)! Honestly, i’m under-ambitious to go out in the snow to uni, but the University is my spot, so i would have had to go, if called. Let me know the next time you guys are downtown and want to ride.

The widescreen looked awesome and some of those lines i hadn’t even thought of when i was last there uniing in the fall. Maybe if i get a little more skill, they will become more obvious. Nice video though!

That’s some damn fine riding, especially in the snow! I enjoyed the reflected view of the wheelwalk, and the parking meter scene.

im suprised you can do all those trials considering that you look to be around your 40’s (no offence) asome :smiley:

In lack of better words, i was thinking the same thing but not quite 40… maybe 30s… nice riding!


Thanks for all the comments guys. I’m glad you liked it. I’m a big fan of the widescreen format myself. To the point that when I watch a regular video it almost feels like something is missing.

LOL, nice response. Hopefully the quick cuts didn’t detract TOO much.

Yeah, sorry about that Scott. You see what’s been happening lately is that I pick up Karl, etc. at the Roth residence, we all pile in, we start driving and then I say ‘So, where exactly are we going?’. Next time we’re thinking of hitting downtown we’ll try and plan ahead a bit.

LOL, no offence taken. Unitik908 pegged my age a little better though. :slight_smile:


thats still pretty amazing :astonished: