Unicycle theif and what he looks like!!

You’re either poking fun at me, or that’s the worst insult I’ve ever heard.


Your picture does not work, genius.

Come on, do you really think I’m that stupid?
I meant to post a website logo here.

Ok, not really.

lol ok ok i never thoght of the fire escape ladder but next time i try to do something like this i will add more details but i thought the pics covered anything i missed… i aslo didnt think of it causein hamilton theres like a total of 2-3 places that have them and i’m not one of them

lets stop the fighting over the lame website post… we’re here to enjoy the spiderman doll lol

Ha ha that’s great. I thought it was pretty funny. But the responses were hilarious… thanks for the laugh.

It reminds me of a photo shoot I once did with a gollum to jumping a bmx.

Its not that I don’t have a sense of humour. My bikes got stolen a while back now, its really gay and I wouldn’t even joke about anything gettin stolen now.

Even though you are on the 9th floor doesn’t mean nobody is going to break into your flat, some of the scroats round my way would go to that length to get a fix!


if it makes u feel any better this quote here

was made cause i had my mountain bike stolen not even a week b4 i posted my uni being stolen joking around… u can’t let the fact of a stolen bike break ur spirit of being able to joke around, but i do know the pain of a bike being stolen.

[post=989995]Here[/post]'s your spiderman!

I thought this thread quite funny, and yes it’s obviously Harper.

Get a bigger unicycle. That fellow looks like he was almost too small to drag that thing away. Certainly couldn’t have ridden it away unless he’s really good at stand up ww.

lol if u knew anything about spiderman the unicycle wouldnt be to heavy lol when he got biten by the radioactive spider he became strong by 100%, so almost as strong as superman just not as gay looking lol


wow thanks for explaining the whole joke to us :roll_eyes:

yes he be one of those ppl that see’s a movie and blurts out the ending to the line up thats waiting to see the movie lol


i didnt actually pick up on it

for all those who didnt pick up or clue in i’m sorry i’ll try to make my next one better and lil more on the funny side, i just wanted to play with my spiderman doll lol

ohhh i found it funny just cause you had a pic of spiderman on the uni haha

thanks i had fun taking the pics but next time i’m gonna have to try spiderman with the bc wheel i can’t say it be as funny but i’ll try my best to make it work

hahahahaha bike.