Unicycle terms

I’ve been a unicyclist for around a year now and since then I’ve done a lot of research on them and I’ve just recently found unicyclist.com but I’m still unsure as to all the terms used and would like some clarification.
Terms such as:

UPD - I think it means unplanned dismount but I’m not sure

UDC - is this unicycle.com?

Municycle.com - I looked this up and it just seems to be unicycle.com from another country and was wondering why people put it

And if there are anymore common terms used here or just generally in the unicycle community please list them below

Thank you

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You are correct on all three.

municycle.com used to be the Canadian version of unicycle.com. (is now no longer) and it now looks like Germany has the name now.

Pretty sure udc canada used to be municycle.ca, udc germany has been municycle.com for as long as I’ve known it.

Some people happen to be from other countries…


Thank you for the correction. I was thinking of the .ca site.

Ok thanks for the help but with municycle.com I’ve noticed people who live in England using it

I’d guess they might have had something in stock that UDC UK didn’t (they have different warehouses).

Or in discussions about prices I often look up the prices in the region of whoever asked the question.

ok thank you, how large is the variation in stock from the different countries?

In “normal” times, not big, they sometimes have slight variations in models or parts they carry, but I’d guess they usually overlap in 95% of their inventory.
Currently, with supply chain issues, shipping issues, etc. things are sold out more often than we were used to, so it varies more.

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